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Default Re: The Music Scene

Originally Posted by !CeMAn
Green Day is total Punk Rock, when you look at the song arrangment; Fast, fun, easy music .

Calling HiM AltHard Rock, is like calling Nickleback or Creed, metal. TOO. MUCH. CLASSiFiCATiON.
It's music, and it has different sounds to different people. Fact is, most people who make the decisions as to what category a band falls into have no clue. Your opinion is as good as mine, young Visual.
You listen to some Minor Threat or Dead Kennedys and then come back and tell me if you still think that Green Day is punk rock.

And calling HIM alternative hard rock is like calling Nickleback and Creed grunge-tinged hard rock. Because that's what they are.

HIM =/= goth rock, as the style is displayed by bands hardly similar to them, such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and early Cure.

Also, HIM =/= goth metal, as they share little in common with actual bands of the genre, such as Moonspell or Theater of Tragedy.

They're also not "love metal" as they so describe themselves, as they are hardly metal. It's the same as calling nu-metal metal.
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