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Default Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

Originally Posted by charmeleonblaze
I was just doing the rare pokemon glitch, and when i entered the route right of vermillion, the screen turned balck, a ringing noise came, and missingno. appeared. i threw a great ball and it caught it right away. Then it said fire stone was transferred to box 1. Then the weirdest thing ive ever seen happened, like 10 of my characters appeared riding their bikes over the fence by diglets cave and a guy walked on top of the tunnel. Then ash was just riding on the top left of the screen and couldnt enter anything. Then on land i found a lv.16 pidgey. So i used teleport and now ash is just constantly flying up in the air, its frozen. That was the weirdest thing ever.
This is what you posted so discuss it here
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