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Default Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

Originally Posted by cichild_keeper
why does glitch city do that?
I just read something like that the other day. Hmm...

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Reasons For Occurring
"Glitch City" is essentially what happens when the game does not know which map to insert the player into, so the player is plonked into an area that does not exist. Glitch City may only be entered if the Safari Timer hits 0 while the player was in a map that has no doors or cave entrances (such as Sea Route 20 Spur). After the character leaves the Safari building after their session is over, the game tries to put them back onto the map they were previously in. However, if there were no doors or cave entrances (or entrance points of any kind) then the player finds him- or herself in Glitch City.
Also, this is a little hard to understand, but it's a theory on how it works:
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