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Default Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

Originally Posted by uberpokemonx
If you wnat to see what Glitch Vity REALLY looks like, (this might only work in Yellow, i can't tell)fish somewhere. When you're done, Glitch City will be in it's true shape.

This has probbably been said here, but....If you do the GC trick on Route 22, you'll end up in a GC where you can't see yourself. Press a direction, and the game will act like you're enetring a building....and you are!! You'll end on the bottom-right teleport pad of the top-right section of.....SABRINAS GYM!!! (Note: Pikachu has a gameshark!--When you get into the gym, Pikachu will be standing to your right...outside of the wall! If you talk to him, he acts normal, and he will come with you when you move.) Make yopur way out, and you'll be back in GC! If you move left, you'll be stuck in small area with an uncuttable tree. If ypu move right, you'll be in a slightly larger area with two unreadable signs. You can't move up or down (form the starting postion). There isn't anything else to see or do, so Fly out.

FOr those with short attention spans, DO THE CLITCH CITY TRICK ON R. 22 AND SEE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!
Originally Posted by uberpokemonx
you can do the bizzare 'Glitch Dimension' trick on G/S/C.

1. Go to Vermillion City
2. Talk to the Machop that's 'stomping the ground flat'
3. Open your pack.
4. Select the Coin Case
5. Select 'USE'

When all this is done, the game will act as if you had done the A/B/Start/Select combo. The colors will be way off, even worse than what MissiongNo. does to R/B/Y. If you continue to do this glitch once you've done it, the colors will continue to change. Once, I even got it so my game looked like Blue version!
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Originally Posted by cichild_keeper
why does glitch city do that?
No one really knows, but I''d guess it's because the game can't figure out where you are, and so it dumps you off in a junk location.
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