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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

OOC: That's fine, thanks for letting me know. ^^;


Pathfinder HQ

Vex was somewhat surprised to see such a reaction, so emotionless for someone who (so he said) was about to kill someone in front of most of the world's press, not to mention the government. Luckily Vex had his own plans in case Ixidor did too well for his own good.

"Here...we don't want you to be too obvious, so I'm afraid for security reasons I can only give you these." That, of course, wasn't the only reason that Vex simply handed Ixidor a dagger and pistol.

"That pistol has one shot'd better use it well." Vex smiled his evil smile before waving Ixidor to go.
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