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Default Re: Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker Released!

I wish I had Jirachi Wishmaker...My B-Day's all the way into December though so I have an even longer wait...
That is unless my parents buy it for me and my brothers for some reason. I love Pokemon movies and just Pokemon in general so my parents should be able to throw a few coins into the cash register and buy me it...Oop...I forgot to entroduce myself!
Eh...Er...My name is Eriana and I'm new here...just registered today infact...But I'm tring to learn more Japanese (A now more then a hundred words) I really like Pokemon and I'm sorry I kind of sound full of myself.
I'm always nervous entering new sites because I'm always afraid that I'll be the outcast or I won't be judged the same way...
Everybody I meet though is usually nice to me...
But anyway I'm saying my prayers that my family will get me Jirachi Wishmaker!
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