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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Pathfinder HQ

"That's good," murmured Vex, "that's very good."

He motioned for the Pathfinders to be at ease - at least for now, anyway - and walked over to a small square traced into the rock wall. Pressing hard on the square, Vex watched it spring back and out to reveal a small drawer. This was the drawer where Vex put all the top-secret orders and the like. It was fingerprint-activated, which meant that only he could open it. He reached in and took out a small file containing 3 sheets of A5 paper, and closed the drawer.

Vex walked over to Ixidor and took out one of the sheets and showed him the picture on it.

The photo was that of Arratan Salm, a high-ranking member of the Koiora government. He was famous for his harsh and strict punishments for prisoners, which included the return of capital punishment. Seeing the photo brought up a fiery hatred inside Vex, but he kept it cool.

"If you wish to prove yourself, you will go to the government meeting in Sandwire City...and you wil kill Arratan Salm."
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