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Arrow GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

ALL NEW MEMBERS, (and old ones), if you have a quick question regarding:
duplication, cloning, that truck beside the SS Anne, Missingno.(you shouldn't because there is a thread for that), variations of capturing that friggin Mew/Lavender ghosts, Glitch City or anything else your buddies happen to tell you but you're not sure about,

Please post it in here.

Glitch Information
Mew Glitch - Catch Mew in Red, Blue or Yellow
Missingno. Information

Encounter Missingno. AKA The Rare Candy Code (Red/Blue only)
1. Talk to the old man in Viridian who shows you how to catch Pokemon.
2. Say "yes" when he asks if you'd like him to show you
3. When the battle's over, FLY to Cinnabar Island
4. Surf on the East (right) coast on the Island (half on land/half in water)
5. You will eventually encounter Missingno.
6. Beat it or run from it. Catching it is not recommended as it can permanently glitch up your game.
7. The 6th item in your Items will be duplicated over 99x.

Glitch City (Red/Blue/Yellow)
Glitch City can be activated by following these steps:
1. Bring a Pokémon that knows Fly
2. Go into the Safari Zone and then go back out through the same door twice.
3. When asked, "Leaving early?", say no.
4. After being sent back into the Safari Zone for the second time, save the game, shut it off, and turn it back on.
5. Leave the Safari Zone again, and you will be asked if you want to enter the Safari Zone and pay $500, even though you are already in there. Say no.
6. You will be sent back into Fuschia City. Once you are in Fuschia City, use a Pokémon to Fly to Cinnabar Island.
7. Go to the east (right) coast, and Surf up and down with a Pokémon that knows Surf. You will run into Pokémon that are usually seen in the Safari Zone. Surf until an announcement comes up that reads "Ding-Dong!" when you have taken 500 steps.
8. You will be sent to the Safari building. When you leave the building, you will be in Glitch City.

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