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Default Re: Duel

*draws a card*

*puts Sinister Serpent in hand during standby phase*

"First, I'll flip summon Skelengel, which allows me to draw a card."

*draws a card*

hand size - 3

Next, I will sacrifice my Skelengel along withmy face down Zorga to summon Tyrant Dragon, in attack mode!

Now, Zorga's effect activates, which raises my life points by 2000 whenever it is used in a tribute summon

LP: 8500

"Tyrant Dragon! Attack the Marionette!!"

*since you have no m/ts, you cannot possibly counter; M. Marionette is now destroyed*

Alakazam: 8500
Saitou: 7100

"And, now I can use the Tyrant Dragon's effect, which allows it to attack a second time during the battle phase."

Alakazam: 8500
Saitou: 4200

"I could attack with my Breaker, but I consider myself to be an honorable duelist, and I think you've taken enough punishment for one turn."

Hand: 2
Field: Breaker and Tyrant Dragon (both in attack mode)
M/T: 3
LP: 8500
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