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Originally Posted by Ninja Emperor
Can I be:

Name: Susano

Pokemon: Aggron
Gender: Male
God of...: Storms, ill weather, and rage. Son of Izanagi, brother of Amaterasu.

Description: Deep Blue samurai-esque armor, and when in his fits of rage (in other words, 95% of the time) his face often matches his armor (Like uncle Vernon of Harry Potter)
Other: A wide variety of katana and shuriken (throwing stars) is at Susano’s disposal. Has had many wives, most illegitimate. Susano has a horrible temper, which often leads him to create storms with his magic katana. Despite, Susano can be truly passionate if the cause is just.

Please? (I like ninjas)
Sure, you can be Susano, and if you'd wish, spread the word about this RP...!
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