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Default Re: Role Play: Discussion

What do you think of a sort of fantasy-based pokemon rpg.

Something with elves, dwarves, giants, trolls... dragons, and pokemon. Oh yeah.

Maybe even magic.

Say that magic is losing its power, and the rpers have to travel to the Crystal World, let's say, and that to get there, they have to create an amulet made up of rings, shards of mystical objects, etc. Also, there are paladins, those who get magical power from the pokemon gods, Celebii, Moltres, Arcticuno, Zapdos, etc. Their magic is not loosing its power, and they wish to stop this attempt to cure magic, and give those that worship the pokemonic gods would get all the magical power. Within the Crystal World, there would also be a challenge. Maybe a dragon would guard the hoard that contained a million pieces of gold, one of which contains the Crystal of Topaz, one the Crystal of Onyx, and a third the Crystal of Pyrite. The Crystal of Topaz powers magic, the Cyrstal of Onyx takes away the paladin's power, and the Crystal of Pyrite destroys and renews all magic. If all three of the Crystals are combined, they give a certain outcome, depending upon the person.

What think you?
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