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NextGenAuthoress's Stories! Lyke, OMG!

Pokemon: Amethyst
Genre: Humor/Romance/Adventure/Action(comes later)/Mystery (at certain points)/a little Drama
Rating: PG, for a little bit of language, but not too much, and the traditional Pokemon violence.
Status: In progress, two chapters done. Three part fic.
Summary: The Giovanni we all know and love has striked a deal with Teams Aqua and Magma to unite them, along with Team Rocket, under one supreme force. They've been recruiting new Pokemon trainers (better when the bait is fresh, eh?) to do their bidding. Johto saw the threat in this and, after a long discussion with leaders from Kanto and Hoenn, united all three regions together, and started the Ambassadors of the United Regions. Now, new Pokemon trainers travel in pairs. Our story focuses on the adventures of Summer Kallinheim and Jake Willow, whose perils and triumphs will eventually go down in history...
Personal Rating: 7.8/10--I love writing the story and I think that the quality is better than some, but the first few chapters have virtually NO action and there's WAY too much dialogue and, while I'm working on it, there's only a little bit of description. Just enough to get by. However, I think that the characters are very developed (I'm still working on Serena and Quinn, though) and the story will eventually unfold to be great.

About teh Authoress: Small town NJ girl, struggling through sixth grade (and not having a boyfriend) and being the youngest in my class. Love to write and read, especially Nora Roberts (not that you needed to know that) and Dean Koontz. Going to get Pokemon Ruby soon, FireRed and LeafGreen by the time Diamond and Pearl come out in the US. Label: UBER-GEEK.
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