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Default Re: Red/Blue/Yellow Game Discussion

Originally Posted by animefan200081
I read a thread that asked about a evolution for Raichu and there is one. But he goes smaller for this next evolution. Loosely translated it's Pichu. (Pi as in the math symbol Pi) I know someone who has a friend in Japan who sends him games. Plus he worked for Nintendo. He also told me more about the original Red and Blue. There where supposed to be more pokemon than the 150, the graphics are like the Ruby/Sapphire, and more pokemon are on the way. He said there are more tha 350 pokemon over in Japan. I wonder how many more games are to come to America before we can have as many pokemon as Japan.
Er... we already have more than 350 Pokemon here... and Pichu is the pre-evolution of Pikachu, not the evolution of Raichu (this has been known since back in the GSC days...six or so years ago)...

That's really old news... ^^;
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