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Post Pokemon: Amethyst

I figure a lot of people are going to be too lazy to go to my homepage and read the story, so I'm just gonna post it here. Be prepared, the first chapter's quite long. Also, there may be a VERY small amount of language. Nothing that parents would say 'OMG!' and put blocks over, but I'd figure I'd put that little warning there.

Pokemon: Amethyst

Chapter One
An Uncomfortable Alliance

“You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your rivals.”

“Summer! WAKE UP!”

A girl opened her eyes doubtfully. Of COURSE she forgot that today she began her Pokemon journey with some other guy whom she didn’t even know his name. Of COURSE she woke up late. But isn’t that how Ash Ketchum started out?

It was that very thought that got Summer Kallinheim going. Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon Master, had hailed magnificently from Pallet Town. It gave Summer hope to know that he started out as a loser, a nobody, especially when compared to his rival Gary.

“Gack, what do you want, Mom?” Summer obviously didn’t want to be woken up so early. She was not a morning person, which was why she nearly worshipped Zubat. Okay, that was oddly disturbing, but that’s beside the point.

“Honey, you don’t want to be late. I bet that lovely son of the professor is already up and waiting for you.” Her mother was so, sickly in love with Professor Willow, even though she was already married. Summer had never understood why her father chose to extensively study the art of Pokemon training instead of raising his family. She didn’t even remember what his face looked like.

“You wanna know what I think Mom?” Summer hissed, sitting up from the bed. “I DON’T CARE WHAT THAT SON-OF-A-GUN JAKE IS DOING!” Ah, this was normal. You see, she was a very loud person. That got her in trouble more than she had liked.

Summer’s mother flinched for a moment before smiling sweetly and genuinely. “You like him, don’t you?”


“Don’t deny the truth, Summer. A mother needs to know these things. I know that your hormones are acting up—“

“My hormones are NOT acting up, Mom! I’m only ten, for God’s sake!” Summer could stand for this insanity no longer. She got dressed into a long, pink skirt and a white tanktop with a pink azalea in the middle. Instead of wearing her normal white sunhat, she let her long, spiky-at-the-end auburn hair go free. She felt exposed without it, but for once, she didn’t mind.

“I still can’t believe you’re old enough to finally start traveling,” her mother said, all teary eyed and emotional that her only child was leaving her for who knows how long. “Make your father and I proud!”

I can’t wait for the day that I can kick Kyle’s ass! Summer thought. She never called her father by ‘Dad’. She called him by his first name, since he never really felt like a father, anyway.

“Don’t worry Mom,” Summer said with a smile as they walked into the kitchen. “I’ll send mail!” They went into a tight embrace before Summer walked out the door and said goodbye.

But she didn’t expect anything that was about to happen.


“Oh man, this sucks! Why do I have to go with a GIRL?”

Jake thought that his life couldn’t possibly get any worse. He had woken up with a sense of pride and didn’t expect anything to get in his way…until his father told him that, of all people, SUMMER had to come with him! She was such a whiner and a complete snob!

Professor Willow looked at him seriously. Of course, Jake thought. He’s, like, the biggest fan of Summer. He thinks she’s got huge ‘potential’ or whatever. Oh, how he wished she would just die…

His father then grinned. “Oh, I see where you’re coming from. You’re jealous that she has a legendary Pokémon trainer for a father, aren’t you?”

Jake flinched. Sure, that was definitely true, but that only made up for about fifteen percent of the reason Jake hated Summer. He hated her because she was…well, her. He despised how free she was, how she didn’t care about other peoples’ opinions. Jake, on the other hand, had paraded around, acting like the person they wanted him to be. He could never be himself, and Summer would be no different with him.

The ten-year-old groaned before saying reluctantly, “Fine, I’ll go with her, but it’s not because I want to.”

“Do you have a choice?”

“No, but I don’t care about options at this point.”

Professor Willow smiled at how immature his son was. He really doesn’t know Summer too well, does he? Willow mused, laughing. Well, Jake was in for a real surprise come a few minutes. But there was one problem; Jake looked like he came out of a dumpster. His short, spiky jet black hair wasn’t brushed and was extremely messy, he wasn’t dressed, and he forgot to put his contact lens on. Jake hated having to wear those things, and if his father told him that he had to wear glasses, he would jump out of the window.

In the outside world…

“Oh man, I haven’t been this nervous in a long time…”

Summer hadn’t expected her nerves to get so uncontrollable. They were usually made of steel, and everything usually failed to faze her. She had the ‘I don’t care that you don’t care’ kind of attitude. It hadn’t grown from experience, since there were, what, three people in Pallet Town. The female Kallinheim had been born that way.

As she went inside Professor’s lab, Summer saw that there was no one there. “Hey, anybody in here?” she called out, walking a little further inside. The place was filled to the brim with notebooks, journals, textbooks, and some weird machines that Summer couldn’t identify. It didn’t appeal to the bland, uninteresting Summer. She didn’t even take a second look at the oddly colored Pokéballs sitting comfortably on the table in front of her.

Summer was just getting used to be alone when the door flung open to reveal Professor Willow and his son, Jake (the total freeloader), arguing rather loudly.

“Please, Jake, just listen to me for a moment, you can’t be so hasty—“

“I’ll do whatever I want!” Jake shouted in response to his father. Rude much? Summer contemplated. She didn’t like Jake already. Of course, they knew each other since their diaper days, but as a partner, he was terrible. Summer had never actually seen him battle, but she could assume that his Pokémon, whomever he chose, wouldn’t listen to him out of disrespect.

Summer cleared her throat to get their attention. They immediately looked at her. Professor Willow smiled respectfully and said, “Oh, I didn’t see you there, Summer.” Summer frowned. She had HOPED that she would be noticeable enough, but apparently, she wasn’t.

“He put up a fight?” she inquired discreetly, not wanting Jake to hear. Willow grinned cunningly, quickly giving Summer her answer. She couldn’t help but smirk to herself. What an idiot, she thought to herself. He’s gonna get creamed not even two minutes into the game.

“What are you guys talking about?” They were disturbed by Jake, who was staring at them blankly.

“Oh, nothing really,” Summer said with a bit of disdain in her voice. “Just talking.”

Jake didn’t look too happy about this, and walked over to her. He was well over three inches taller than Summer. This didn’t intimidate Summer, but there was an uncomfortable silence between them. It wasn’t until Professor Willow broke in that there was a sound.

“Well then, I believe we should get started, shouldn’t we?” Willow said, walking over to the second room, where the peculiarly colored Pokéballs were on the table. Summer and Jake walked over to the table and observed the holding devices. The blue one must be Squirtle, the red one Charmander, and the green one Bulbasaur…they thought to themselves. Of course, since they were determined to defeat each other, they seemed to automatically assume that the other was going to choose Bulbasaur, and they both put their hands on the seemingly regular red Pokéball at the same time.

“HEY! I chose this one first!” Jake yelled, trying to shove Summer out of the way.

“Are you crazy?! I’m the one who put my hand on it first!” Summer shouted right back, attempting to push Jake over to the green one.

And all the while, Professor Willow just stood there, sweat-dropping nervously. “Um, can’t someone agree on something…?” His words were lost in the vortex of time and space.

“FINE! I choose Squirtle, then! You can keep your Charmander!” Summer finally screamed, grabbing the blue ball. Jake didn’t realize that Summer now had the supreme advantage over him.

When finally did realize, he stomped his foot and yelled, “NO FAIR! Dad, she’s cheating!”

Professor Willow laughed warmly. “It’s your own fault for not realizing that Water-types have the advantage over Fire-types.” Great, his own FATHER didn’t even support him. Couldn’t Summer and him trade lives? Maybe that would be better. After all, Jake knew that Summer’s mom was so much nicer to him than his father was to him, and Professor Willow liked Summer more than her mother liked her.

Summer laughed bitterly, seeing how she was now equipped with the stratagem to aid her plot to practically murder Jake Willow. “Looks like you’ve lost the first battle, Sonny,” she said. He shot her a deathly glare that clearly stated, ‘Say that again and I will send the Grim Reaper after you.’

“Well then, here are your Pokédexes,” Professor Willow informed, handing them one each. “Remember, no matter how tough it gets, you’ll pull through. Just try to be friends with your Pokémon, and there’s no obstacle you can’t face.” His black eyes seemed to twinkle as he said that, as if he were recalling a memorable experience. They both raised eyebrows and Jake said, “Well, I guess we’re gonna go now.”

With that, they walked out, not knowing what to expect.


“So, I guess we’re going to be stuck with each other for a while. At least, until we defeat Steven.”

“Who’s Steven?”

“You know, the Champion of the Elite Four in Hoenn?” Summer smiled as she thought about him. She had seen him in the newspaper once. Ever since Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn united, many new trainers were discouraged. Everyone you battled, except for gym leaders, were in pairs, even the Champions. Lance and Steven had teamed up to find that their skills were twice as strong, presenting a huge challenge for anyone who faced them. If Summer had to choose between the two of them, she’d pick Lance, but she liked Steven, too. But her REAL crush was on Falkner, the gym leader of Violet City.


Summer was snapped out her thoughts. They both stopped, dead in their tracks, on Route 1. They saw two trainers—unsurprisingly, a boy and a girl—fighting a Pidgey. The boy stopped the girl, probably because she was going too hard on the poor thing.

They looked up to see Summer and Jake standing there, looking at them as if they were psychotic.

“Oh, hey!” The girl shouted. “You’re from Pallet, right?”

“We need your help,” the boy said seriously.

I don’t like these guys…Summer thought…
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