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Default Da Gullwings Adventures!

Chapter 1: Part A : The Legendaire Sphere!

Just off the Coast of Goldenrod City, The Crowd were Bursting on the Main Event Coming our way. A Sign Poster Board was just outside the Goldenrod Dome as it Read:

Book Tickets to see this Star - Studded Event!

Lots of People Joined the line to Get Tickets, But Many Ended in Failure. The Lights were Shut Down on the Arena Floor, A Light Flashed On the Guitarest as the Concert was about to Start,

On Backstage we see a Guard Knocked Out as he's Dragged along the Floor. A Man comes out and His Little Sensor Mircophone Beeps, He says the Following Words.

????: P, A, W Ready! Da Gullwings Ready! It's Showtime Guys!

After you see a Teenager about 16ish and is walking through the Backstage Corridor. Lights Flashed around the Arena as White Wolf Appears on a Sparkle of Light. Dressing as ' Fake ' Yuna as she done her Performence. She starts to Dance as the Words White Wolf Appear All White. During the Dance A pair of Futuristic Boloicuners { Soz i don't know da Spelling } on White Wolf, As the Mysterious Person Is Dancing to the Tune a guard comes out behind him.
The guard shouts hey and looks behind him and gives a Grin. A Wingull Suddenly Pops out and Shoots a Water Gun on the Guard, The Guard Faints and the Words PICHU Pop out, he gives his Wingull a High 5 as he turns back you White Wolf Performence. Then We Shoot Down back to the Backstage Area as the Teenager sees 3 Guards. They Send Out Slugma's and the Teenager Laughs. He Sends out a Flygon and Blasts Through them Easy by Using Earthquake. His Name Appears as Ab and see's Pichu on the Stand. The Finished Performence of White Wolf was Excellence, The Crowd were Bursting of Cheers. Then Pichu and Ab Appear.

Ab: We Found em'!
Wolf: Ahhhhh Not Now! I've Just Done a Star Performence
Ab: Sorry but Captains Order's
Pichu: Yep { Speaks Out on Mircophone } Sorry Folks.......... Shows Over!

The Crowd are Blasting Boos and Wolf is Embrassed, But Pichu Speaks on the mircophone again.

Pichu: But Don't Worry, In a mo we'll be back and give back a Excellent Performence by P
Ab: A
Wolf: W


The Crowd Burst with Cheer Again and they escort out.

End of Part 1, Part 2 will be Later
Rate it if you Please.

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