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Default Re: Rate my Ruby Team please :D

Originally Posted by Traipez
WOW! Thanks :P
But theres something I cant change - I've used Brick Break (the TM) on Salamence, then I cant teach my other Pokes it.

The most of my teams Natures cant I change, because they're males or genderless. Yes, I can breed males when I get FR/LG with a Ditto. I can also buy Brick Break there :P

Btw. How can I get Hydro Pump and Flamethrower on Salamence?
Salamence can't get hydro pump. And even if he can, it is worthless, it misses to much. you have no need for it. if u need it to take down a rock type pokemon, use iron tail, steel wing, brick break, etc. as for flamethrower, buy it in the game corner for 4000 coins in mauville city.

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