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Default Help me!! please

How can we catch Celebi the guardian of the forest in Crystal and you guys how did you got those pokemon like golden nidoqueen blue caterpie, mew, mew two and so on... By the way my six:

Arcanine 65: ///////////////////////////Tyranitar 65: //////////////// Meganium 65:
fire blast ///////////////////////////// Hyper beam /////////////////Earthquake
flamethrower ///////////////////////////Rock slide ////////////////////razor leaf
extremespeed ///////////////////////// Earthquake/////////////////solarbeam
return /////////////////////////////////// crunch//////////////////////giga drain

Poliwrath 65:///////////////////////// Dragonite 65://///////////////Lugia 65:
hypnosis ////////////////////////////////Surf /////////////////////////Hydropump
dynamic punch //////////////////////////Zap canon //////////////////Fly
blizzard /////////////////////////////////blizzard /////////////////////recover
hydropump///////////////////////////// wing attack//////////////////phychic

And I want to trow away my meganium by catching this celebi will also toss lugia if there is a way to catch mew and mewtwo.

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