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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Thoughts: Does this girl speak at all?

" Thats it I'm blowing this place. C'mon guys. "

* Kaioh and his Pokemon walk out the door.

" Sparks, Moro, return. "

* Kaioh pulls out two pokeballs and the Pokemon are warped inside them, Kaioh then hears his walkie talkie ring.

" Hello, this is officer Kaioh. "

Chief: " Kaioh!! We need you down here at once!!!! "

" What do you want sir?!! "

Chief: " This is an emergency, we need you at route 50 instantly, a murder has been committed by a man in his twenties, with black hair, a black jumper and a black bandanna around his face. We think he is something like a bandit so we're going to leave this to you, Bandit, hehhehhehhehheh. "

" Good one chief but this isn't a laughing matter, but I'll be there. C'mon Arcanine. "

* Kaioh jumps on Arcanine's back.

" Go Arcanine, to route 50. "

Arcanine: " Yes sir. "

* Arcanine ran along the road with Kaioh on his back, they make it to route 49 and see a black haired man with a black jumper.

" Arcanine stop! I think that man over there is our suspect. "

* Kaioh returns Arcanine and pulls out his desert eagle he puts the silencer on and takes out some handcuffs, the man sees Kaioh and runs down the road.

" Hey get back here, crabs!! "

* Kaioh aims at the suspects legs and pellets them full of lead, Kaioh runs down the road and slams the hancuffs onto the mans hands.

Suspect: " Shoot. I'll get away with it next time. "

" Next time? Theres not going to be a next time because that was your last chance..... Vulcan. "

Vulcan: " How did you know it was me? "

" Lets just say it's part of being a cop. "

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