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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

"Oddish, where are you?"
I shouted.
After a second the little purple plant came rushing into me.
"There is no more time to play"
I said to him.
"We must work or we will starve, so hurry"
Oddish started quickly to walk to get the hose.
Just after he had walked away i saw a shadow in the bushes.
I walked over there and when i came to the bushes a saw a little Wurmple lying there in the grass, it seemed hurted.
"Nuzleaf come here quickly!!"
Suddenly Nuzleaf came running towards me.
"Nuzleaf take this wurmple to the Miltanks, say that they will have to take care of him untill he becomes healthy"
I started to walk towards the potato-arable.
When i came there Oddish was just about to water the plants.
"Good work Oddish"
He smiled happily against me....

Credit goes to Pidgeot79