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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Bandit: I post once everyday, now everybody's busy, not that they're giving up. Now quit with the OOC posts and continue the RP.



Bolt ducked, as a waiter carrying plates of unfinished rice rushed to the kitchen.

"This restaurant must serve really good food, otherwise, I don't see why is it so crowded..." Bolt thought, with saliva filling his mouth. But for now, he needs to find a seat. It seemed almost impossible, with practically all the seats occupied, and other people standing by occupied tables, ready to take the table once the people leave the seats. Bolt noticed a occupied table, whose people are finishing their food. Nobody else, apparently, noticed the table, as it was in a dark corner. Bolt walked towards the table, as if he saw nothing. Then, when the people sitting around finished their food and got out of their seats, Bolt took no hesistation to rush to the table, but unfortunately, another guy got there at the same time. The guy looked as if he hasn't eaten for years, and was persitant to take that table.

"I got here first, this is mine!" the guy grumbled, attempting to take the seat beside the table.

"No way dude, I saw this first and got here first!" Bolt yelled, revealing an angry face.

"You geek, stop lying, I got here first and you know it!" the guy shouted, shaking his head.

"You---" Bolt was interrupted.

"Oh god, people, if you're not gonna sit, other people wants this seat," a passing waiter mumbled, who collected plates from the table beside the one Bolt was trying to occupy.

"But he--" Bolt was interrupted again.

"Can't you guys just share this table? I mean, god, there are two benches you know," the waiter blurted, rushing to the kitchen.

"I guess I could, you?" the guy said.

"Fine," Bolt replied. Bolt sat down on the bench closer to him, so did the guy. A waiter walked to their table, and asked for their orders.

"A plate of Roasted Chicken Drumsticks, small please, some cabbage, a bowl of fishball soup, and a bowl of white rice please," Bolt said.

"A plate of Roasted Duck Drumsticks, large please, some lettuce, a bowl of seafood soup, and a plate of noodles please," the guy ordered. Bolt felt a strong, sharp sarcasm from that guy's order pierce through him. The food that guy ordered was exactly the opposite of what Bolt ordered! Bolt kept his calm, and looked away.

"Separate orders?" the waiter asked.

"Yes," Bolt and that guy answered at the same time. Bolt felt another anger in him, apparently that guy did too. The waiter walked away, turning to look at the two childish guys who were arguing indirectly, puzzled. Bolt looked around, having nothing to do while waiting for the food.


About 5 minutes later, food for Bolt arrived. The other guy was unhappy...

"Hey, I ordered first, how come he gets his food first?" the guy mumbled.

"This sir's orders were on top of the list the other waiter handed the cooks..." the innocent waiter said.

"No wa--" A ear-piercing crash echoed through the air, interrupting the guy. Everybody were shocked out of their wits, some were even going with a exaggerating voice, "Whaaat iss goinng onn?"

Bolt, not knowing what happened, stood up, and looked out of the window which was about a metre away from him. Some construction at the gold mine had collapsed, and the scene was chaotic...