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Default Please pray for Steve Moore

Tonight the Colorado Avalanche played the Vancouver Canucks. The teams have what is the biggest rivalry in the NHL. In an earlier matchup this year one of the Avs, Steve Moore, gave a huge center ice check (a legal one) to the Canucks player Marcus Naslund. Naslund had a minor concussion and missed three games. But tonight, in the 3rd period, Canucks power forward Tood Bertuzzi struck back in the worst way. Moore wasn't paying attention (he was playing hockey and maybe awaiting a pass from a teammate), and Bertuzzi came up behind him, grabbed his jersey, and slammed him down head first into the ice. Moore then lay motionless as a pool of blood formed around his head.

He was then taken out on a stretcher. Moore didn't make one motion after he was hit. Now I, and many others are very worried about him. So I'm asking all of you to please pray for Steve Moore. He really needs your prayers. Thank you.
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