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Default Re: Oh cool we're back, finally someone can RMT

Originally Posted by mlugia
You didn't even capitalize the I's, and you're criticizing HIS grammar? ._.

And loser is offensive in the context of what you wrote. If you mean "You are a loser" as in "You are someone who did not win," Then you need to specify that, because in order to lose at something, you have to be competing at something, and as far as I have seen, the word loser is used in a derogatory context to mean "Someone who no one likes and so on and so forth"

So if you really meant "He who did not win the competition," you might want to start a competition of some sort, and it's really really improper grammer to say "Such a loser" when you mean it in a "He who did not win the competition" way.

I mean "You're such a person who did not win the competition?"
meh, so what if it was offensive. omfg where are the forum rules? i have nothing to follow, i m a newbie, how would i know that i'm not allowed to post offensive stuff? ;o

i dont use proper grammar in my posts, but mind you, he's posting a TEAM, he's SUPPOSED to use proper grammar so ppl can understand him. ;)
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