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Default Sophie's Image Gallery

Hehe, I know I haven't done this in a long time... yeah, a lil something, pretty horrible ones. so don't laugh at me.

That's Spell, the newest one up to date, to celebrate my 1000'th pageview on Deviantart ^.^

this was done a while ago, hehe, when I actually started to improve LOL. It's a collab between me and Difusion. he's good and a nice friend.

Image sketched by She's the sketching/drawing queen of yugioh, lovely images. I colored this one hehe. yeah. my first time at coloring something. not the best hehe.

I love Michael. Dedicated to him. Created a LONG LONG LONG time ago, but I still love him.

Created last week I think. just practicing with the Beams, nothing much.

Inspired by the Matrix. Yes, the prophecy willl be fullfilled.

Comments are more than welcomed. Happy viewing.

That's all. I'll try my best to update these hehe. I'm lazy. Please visit my deviantart account, basically the same stuff, LOL.

Please note that I'm not accpeting requests at the moment, so don't even ask.

Ciao. Have a fantastic day.
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