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Arrow Forum Battle Rules & Report a Forum Battle

by 8-Bit

This is the area for those members of the URPG that don't have messenger battling capabilities. This board is also for people who have difficulty being on at the same time as others.

Battling in the Forum
  • Members without an instant messenger may have up to 3 battles here. Members with an instant messenger may have only 1 battle at a time. If a Gym Leader needs to battle someone for his/her gym, they may create a thread that does not count towards the limit. The same applies to tournament battlers for a tournament battle.
  • If you don't have someone to battle, try the Trainer Station. Post your request or accept someone’s challenge.
  • Figure out the rules of the battle with your opponent before starting the thread. A list of valid battle rules can be found in this post.
  • Once a battle is agreed upon, one of the battlers should create a thread. The title of the thread should read something like 'Trainer vs Trainer'. The first post in the thread must state the rules of the battle.
  • Only one battle may take place per thread.
  • Each battler selects their Pokémon and their move. Then they wait for a referee to ref the turn. Afterwards, the battlers send another set of moves and the ref refs them. This continues until a winner is declared.
  • It is important to note that in battle modes in which you select your moves in the chat or thread (GSC, RSE, DPP, BW), you must alternate sending your Pokemon and moves first. The battlers can agree on who sends his/her Pokemon first, or the ref can roll to see who gets to decide. Gym leaders are allowed to force the challenger to send first. After a battler sends his/her Pokemon out first, the other battler sends his/her Pokemon and move. Afterwards, the person who sent his/her Pokemon first sends their move second. Then battlers take turns alternating sending first. If a single Pokemon is knocked out in a turn, the battler replaces that Pokemon, but this does not count as sending first or second, so the alternation of sending first continues normally. If both Pokemon are knocked out in a single turn, then the battlers select their Pokemon as though they are continuing alternating. Sending implied moves, such as continuing Outrage, recharging for Hyper Beam, and a battler sending his/her last remaining Pokemon still count for alternating sending first or second.
  • Try to make the battle more fun on the forum. Instead of saying "Thunder", try "Pikachu, use that mighty electrical Thunder you have on Blastoise." Refs can add description as well!
  • No referee is obligated to ref your battle. A referee will show up to the battle when one of them is available; do not pester anyone to ref for you.
  • Remember, you may not add moves, an ability, or trade Pokemon that are still in a battle, even if it has fainted.
  • If a battle not on the forum does not finish due to someone leaving, someone may post the battle on the forum to continue it, although it may be continued on instant messenger again if possible.
  • Despite the Forum Battles section existing, it is highly encouraged for battlers to battle on AIM for the fastest and best experience.
  • Do not post in your battle thread just to bump it to a higher ranked page; your opponent and ref will still find it, although you may choose to notify them about it elsewhere.

Inactive Opponents or Referees

If an opponent or ref has not continued one of your battles in a while, you (or the ref or an official) may send the person a visitor message (VM) about doing so. If a battler does not continue the battle within 168 hours (1 week) of a VM about the battle, he/she forfeits, unless it is an important battle (Gym, Tournament). If it is an important battle, post in this thread and a Senior Referee will decide if the battler gets more time to continue the battle or not. If a ref has not continued a battle within 168 hours of a VM, a new ref may replace him/her, which can be acquired by posting in this thread as well.

If a person is repeatedly slow in continuing a battle, that may be reported in this thread as well, and a Senior Referee may lower the time for him/her respond as needed.

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