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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Keith Flame



Black Pants with fire desines, A black backwards cap with a blue desine that simbols the league, blue jeans, and a backpack.
5' 0'', Jet-Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Sunglasses

A little hot headed ,but is pretty much normal

Combusken, Quilava, Charmelion, and Zangoose

25000z, a Pokedex, a pokeflute, Pokegear, labtop.

Crossledge Town

Crossledge Town

Pokemon Trainer


Sister, Kathryn Flame

Has 3 colegues in his team, Jack Storm, Jason Tsunami, and Jazz Killite friends in the organization

To become the greatest master, and to keep bad things from happaning, like stoping people from catching legends, he believs that they should not be owned by anyone who is coldhearted and cruel.

Th Protectors
None (All just part of this organisation)
We are just people who are willing to help
To protect the world from disaster

Yeah, That's right, I'm calling you out WAR Teams. Your going down!