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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

* Kaioh was in Ichigo's wondering why the hell he was there.

" Why am I here again? Oh well food! "

* Kaioh walks up to the door and sees a pink haired girl.

" Hey, your that Ichigo person I knew somebody was talking about you, but anyway where are you leaving too? If you want I can help you get there. "

*He then thinks for a second.

" Hey my Pokemon are probably hungry, I'll let them out for food. Go Sparks ( Pikachu, Go Moro ( Houndoom ) and Go Arcanine. "

* The Pokemon sat there obediently and then Sparks jumped up on Kaioh's shoulder.

" But anyway, hi I'm Kaioh, but please call me Bandit, I work for the police and I know I don't dress like them but it's because the uniform is so stupid. "

Sparks: " Pika Pikachu ( Even I agree with that ) "

Moro: " Hound Houndoom ( It was very unpleasing. )"

Arcanine:" Arca, Arcanine ( Yes it's true ) "

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