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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Chatters echoced through Bolt's ear drums as he struggled to wake up. He opened his eyes, and security guards, police officers, Mr Edd and his wife was around. Apparently, it was not a burglary, it wouldn't be so major to even get Mr Edd home.


Bolt stood up, and Mrs Edd held him by the arm.

"Bolt, you..." Mr Edd paused, controlling his anger.

"What happened...?" Bolt asked, not knowing what has happened.

"...Lisa, tell him."

Mrs Edd sighed, as she signed a report and passed it to a police officer.

"Well, Bolt, Paul has been kidnapped, or that's what we think. We have no idea who on earth would do such a thing, but we haven't received a phone call for ransom yet, so we haven't confirmed whether it's a kidnap or not."

Bolt was shocked as the words pierced through him. He did not know what to say, as Paul was Mr Edd's only son so far, and Mr Edd would be really angry now.

"I'm sorry, Mr Edd. I have failed to protect your only child..." Bolt mumbled, looking down on the floor, depressed.

"Don't give me apologies, either you find the child back, or you can forget about coming to work anymore," Mr Edd groaned. Bolt nodded.


Minutes after the police officers took down Bolt's statements, the house was filled with a mixture of anger and sorrow. Mr Edd and Mrs Edd was in the study room, putting up notices for their child on the internet. Bolt had to go and find the child, as it is not easy finding a job with such high pay in Farslope Town nowadays.

Bolt shrugged, as he stepped out of the house. He had no idea where to look for the child, as Farslope was that big, and the world was even bigger. Where is Paul? Where could the kidnappers have taken him to? Just as Bolt was about to walk out from the gate of the house, something suspicious appeared. The two guards guarding the gate of the house had black sleeves underneath their white-red striped uniform, and that was exactly the black the kidnappers wore. Bolt had a good memory, well, at least at remembering such important stuff. He knew this was something worth inspecting, as it's unusual for guards to wear extra clothing under the hot sun. Bolt knew night time was the best time to find out about these suspicions, since the guards change their duties at night. Bolt, firstly, had to get some food. His stomach was protesting, and he couldn't work if he was hungry. Bolt shook his bag, which was full of resources needed for crafting, and stepped on his route to the inn.

"I love to go, wandering, along the mountain tracks..."