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Exclamation Journey of Trainer Mehmet (Part 8).

Trainer Hikari say's Good Bye.

Trainer Mehmet and Trainer Hikari have an Picnic again and Trainer Hikari says Trainer Mehmet I will quit you are nice friend that I have but I will quit that Journey with you and Trainer Mehmet was sad and he sayd if you need so to quit Oke. May I your phone number than can I call you if I talk with you and Trainer Hikari will give that phone number and his Msn adress to can chat with Trainer Hikari and Trainer Mehmet goes to his mother's home and he will have an Good bay Party and she will leave and will Talk to Trainer Mehmet on the msn messenger and Mobile phone. And than goes Trainer Mehmet with Trainer Hikari is sad too do leave to home of Cerulian City and they will have an Pokemon battle and Trainer Mehmet will lose the battle. And please call me or come to msn messenger to chat with me about Pokemon. And please don't forget me Trainer Hikari (Sadly) I don't will miss you Trainer Hikari. And Trainer Hikari is (sadly) says I don't forget you either Trainer Mehmet please forgive me it was fun with you Trainer Mehmet. Trainer Mehmet says ooh that's oke Trainer Hikari and Hikari says good bye she goes to home to the Cerulian City and Trainer Mehmet goes alone to the Leventer Town.

To be continued....
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