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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Outside Saliera
A man was working on his farm which lied around 1 mile from Saliera.
The man had got his farm after his parents had died, they was killed by some Team Magma members and for that he hated all kinds of teams in the world.
He thought they only where trouble makers.
The man was me.

"I hope we can harvest the potatoes soon, the last seasons potatoes is beginning to fade out"
I said to my Oddish which walked after me when i was watering the potato plants.
Suddenly my Grovyle came from nowhere.
"What is it Grovyle?"
I asked him.
Then he started to run against the Cowhouse, i followed him as fast as i could with Oddish coming after me.
When i came in to the Cowhouse i saw a Miltank lying on the ground and beside her a calf was lying.
This was a big surprise, well i knew that she was pregnant but i didnt know that it would be born now, the Nurse said that it should be born in July and now its just the end of May.
"Well now back to work, Grovyle could you go and get some honey from the beehive"
He nodded at me, then he jumped away to the tree where the beehive was located.
"Thank good i have my pokemon that helps me"
I thought for myself......

Credit goes to Pidgeot79