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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

"Meep!" a newly born Mareep as it just hatched out of it's egg. It's fluffy wool was covered in a strange yolky liquid but Marco picked the little baby pokemon up, just as he would any kind and craddled it into his arms. Marco turned the little creature over and tickled it on it's belly. "Meeeheep!" it cried out in laughter. "Here are your pokemon and your new baby Mareep." Marco said. He held out two pokeballs in his hands and barely hanging onto the new born he gave the three to an odd looking girl. "Wow!" she cried as she looked sweetly into the eyes of Mareep, looking back with sweet innoccent eyes. "Thanks!!" she said called as she grabbed a ball from her belt. She lightly tapped it on the Mareep's fluffy wool and it dissapeared into a blinding red flash of light. "Thank you very much sir." she said calmly while trying to adjust the three pokeballs safely into her belt. "That'll be Two-Hundred dollars please." Marco said happily. When the girl was done with her pokeballs she zipped open her bookbag or purse and held a small wallet. She flipped it open with a flick of her wrist revealing a very large wad of all kinds of bills. "Whoa..." Marco said as his mouth dropped open looking at all the money. The girl flipped through the wad of huge dollar bills handing him two folded bills. Marco looked inside them. Taking the first one out it was obviously a hundred, then turning to the next bill which a hundred dollar bill also. "Two C-notes." Marco admired. "Pretty impressive. "Yeah, it is." the girl joked. As she began to run off she called to him: "By the way my name is Gwen." she said as she rose a pokeball to the air revealing a large light. A magnifecent brown bird flew in the air, then coming down on a bit of grass nearly crushing a umfamilar sign."Fearrr!" it screamed as Gwen jumped onto it's back flying away...

Returning to his post Marco grabbed a chair and sat behind a wooden table with different colored eggs resting upon the wooden table which seemed to be in bird nests. Marco was a breeder and he had very many eggs. He had enough to make the worlds biggest pokemon ommelete. Instead of trying to keep them all Marco sold them but was a little creul. The mothers and fathers would never see thier babies... but Marco never knew how pokemon would ever feel... Not a single soul was around but Marco felt like he was being watched. "It must be the sun getting to me..." he thought. "I need some water..." Walking into his farm he was greeted with a "What's up pooface?" by his little sister that smelled like she hadn't taken a bath. "You stink Jamie." Marco replied. "Go take a shower." Jamie stook out her tongue, then Marco slapping it back into her disgusting mouth. "I'll need to wash my hands too." he said out loud as his sister faked choking. "Cough...! cough...! COUGH!" she faked. She was used to doing this so much she became a pro. "Just quit it Jamie." Marco said as he brushed past his mother. Worried all Marco do was take the yelling. His mother saw the brat coughing up a storm and rushed to her trying to help. "You poor baby..." she said kissing her on the cheek. "What happened???" she asked. "He, he, Marco hit me.. wahhh!!!" she said pretending to cry. "Marco apologize to your sister now." she said as rubbed her little head. "But... but I di..." Marco tried to protest. "Apologize to your sister now !!!"she said sternly. "Alright..." Marco said. "Jamie, i'm sorry..." Marco faked. His mother began to talk to Jamie while Marco went to the kitchen.

Since he was 4-8 and his mother always kept the glasses in the high cabinets Marco always had to use a chair to get the things that he desired. Grabbing the chair Marco held it close to the cabinet. Then, he stood on the chair pulling open a wooden cabinet and grabbing a medium sized glass. He jumped off the chair and dropped the glass. Marco expected for it to crash and break making a loud noise but nothing happened. "Weird..." he muttered. "All I know is those glasses [i[aren't[/i] made of glass." as he washed the cup along with his hands then after the soap was gone refilling it with ice cold water. He drunk it all not stopping for a second. When, he finshed he placed the glass into the sink and began to stare out a window. black shadow was all that could be seen other than plains and huts. Marco squinted his eyes and nothing was there. "Huh?"