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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]


"Work... Work... Work..." Moaned a young girl as she she sat by the river, bare feet dangling in the gentle current. Her short, pink hair waved in her wind, held back a bit as it was kept in high pig tails.
With another moan of misery she moved a bit deeper into the water, letting her knees sink into the refreashing river.

"IIICHIGOO! STRAAAWBERRY HEAD!" Cried a voice, startling Ichigo from her peaceful state of mind. She screamed loudly, falling sidewyas into the water "NYAAAAA!" She screamed in horror, head going under.

Quickly she poked her head up, coughing a bit is surprise from her sudden fall. It was lucky for her that the currents weren't very string where she sat, for if the water had been much stronger she'd be thrown about by its might.
"What was THAT for?!" Ichigo asked, sneezing from the cold of the water "I get a break!"
"Ichigo! Your mother is sick!" The voice's owner said firmly, being a young girl "Hurry!"

Ichigo gasped, getting to her feet and racing right past the girl. "Mom's sick! Nya!" She yelped, panting hard as she ran "MOOM!"
As she reached her little part of the city, Ichigo noticed that no one was in the least bit concerned. In fact, there were balloons around the entrence to her house.
"Huh? What?" She murmered, walking in side.

"HAPPY TRAINER DAY!" Cheered a voice, someone tackling Ichigo to the ground. It was her sister, Geni "Mama said you can go today!"

OOC: Sorry that it's short. ^_^;;

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