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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

All accepted! ^^;

-Outskirts of Crossledge Town-

The volcano Mount Skyledge was daunting...the perfect place to house the Pathfinders' HQ. Vex led his minions around to the back of the volcano, which took twenty minutes due to the sheer size of the mountain base. He occasionally glanced upward at the sky and, oddly, saw no stars shining on the quiet town.

Nevertheless, he carried on until there was no sight of Crossledge Town, the buildings blocked by the enormous hulk of rock that dwarfed the Pathfinders. Looking closely, you could see a small panel on the mountain base, about five feet up from the ground. Vex began to punch in this month's access code.

The-blue-Rapidash-overtakes-falling-stars. Silently, part of the rock face slid away to reveal a damp corridor leading deep underground, lit dimly by lamps that flickered on once the code was inputted.

Vex, Cranner and the rest of the guild quickly gathered into the passage and Vex pushed another button on the cave wall. The door closed behind them, and nobody on the outside would know.

It took a good ten minutes to descend the tunnel, and Vex ran his hands along the rough walls, which for some reason made him feel much more secure about the journey. Another reason why he didn't like this base as much as he made him too susceptible to trivial emotions like insecurity.

Finally, the tunnel opened out into a wide cavern, which was expertly worked with stone supports. In the center was a long wooden table and eight chairs around it. A lamp hung from the ceiling, and despite the proximity to the volcano, it was rather cold inside the HQ.

Vex gestured for the others to sit, and as they did so he paced up and down one side of the room, next to a coffee machine he had installed for the times he got stressed.

"So, we'll begin with the induvidual reports-"

Suddenly he stopped in horror as he noticed a red light blink on in place of the normal light from the lamp. They all knew what this meant - the door was opening. There was an intruder in the HQ.

"Okay," Vex whispered, "weapons, everyone..."

He moved his hand toward the hilt of his katana sword, and the Pathfinders felt for guns and knives. They could hear the distinct sounds of multiple footsteps, running at high speeds. Within two minutes, a man ran into the room, a human blur. He collided with the table and fell back on the floor.

Blood was seeping all over him. He was wearing civilian clothing, heavily torn, and there were bruises covering him. But there was no mistaking his face.

It was Janson.
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