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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

PK and his Bulbasaur arrived at the swimming pool. PK looked around, but couldn't see anyone who mathes the appereance of the Gym leader. There was only a small boy swimming the pool from end to an end.

"Hey, you boy there. Where is the Gym Leader." PK inquired.

"The boy turned at him, swam out of the swimming pool, picked a towel from a stool near the pool, and walked to PK.

"Hello. Before i tell you the whereabout of the Gym Leader, you must defeat his pupil. And that pupil is me. So, are you ready to fight my Squirtle?" The boy said, and let out his Squirtle from it's pokeball.

PK was amazed. The kid was barely 10 years, but already a trainer. He really must be talented, though he doesn't look very intelligent person from the outside. "Very well. If you are his pupil, i shall fight you."

The boy put on his shirt, and walked to the other end of the swimming pool, where he pulled a switch. The water started to bubble vigorously, and two, raft like wooden platforms rose from the bottom of the pool. The whole mechanism was built with durable vines and logs, which was pretty amazing.

"You send your pokemon to the raft at the start. Also, if you're not going to use a water-type, that platform is the best place to fight with your pokemon. Oh, and this is a 1 on 1 match." The boy explained, trying to sound more mature that he was.

PK was amused, but didn't show it. He just turned at his Bulbasaur, and gestured it to step on the platform.

"OK! Squirtle, i choose you!" The boy shouted, now sounding much more young.

"Bulbasaur. Go." PK stated calmly.

"Squirtle, let's end this quickly! Use Rapid Spin!" The boy commanded his Squirtle which withdrew all it's limbs inside it's hard carapace, and started to spin around vigorously. It lepat into the water, still spinning. The movement of the Squirtle was so fast that it started the spinning shell started to hop on the water's surface.

"Impressive. Bulbasaur, Vine Whip." PK ordered clamly.