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HondoomMaster's Fan Fic Archive

1.Pokemon Journey: Ghanton Island
Genre: Action/Adventure.Rating: Pg
Summary: Continuation of Nick's journey. (Didn't finish the others) Instead of first person a view from a narrator's eyes and also splits between another charecter. Not knowing they are related...this story tells of the many run ins of the two main charecters...Nick and Karah. Nick struggles with his high profile, as Karah is a new trainer. Well each finish their ques to be the greatest Ghanton Island Champion?
Status: Still working on it

2. Quest For a Name
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: After suffering a major head drama and watching his father die, a young boy by the name of Chris slowly learns how to become a Pokemon trainer and slowly remembering his past. Can he figure out why did someone kill his father and become a great trainer? All at the same time
Status: Still working on it
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