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Default Re: Role Play: Discussion

Sorry to revive such an age-old thread, but I would like to speak my mind.

These are intense stories, whether humerous or serious. But lately, n00bs (no offense to anyone) have been making pointless and cliche RPs. "OMG LI3K WE HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM TEAM TAKEOVERTHEWORLD!!!!!!!111one!!oneonethreeeightyni ne!!!1"

That's the same thing that's repeated thirty-hundred-million times! The people just bend the corners differently, but when you draw a picture, do you care if you bent one corner at a one degree angle? No, unless you're extremely protective, which I doubt you are that much.
People, please! Make something unique! Not "one two three! one two three!" Take T100C, ruler of good RPs. Is there a bad guy? Not except for recently, in which a computer bug is an antagonist, but that makes it powerful. In my dead RP, PE2K Clan Wars, who's the bad guy? Everyone and no one! It depends on where your view is and what goes on!
Now, even the legendary RPer Deathspector makes a couple of RPs like "SAVE THE WORLD!" but they're different. They add a bit in, like a temple or an orb (if I remember correctly). But even that gets a tad old.
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