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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

-Inside the huge hut of Saliera Town-

"Absol, use Slash!"

"Hmph. Don't underestimate my pokemon. Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed!"

Two trainers were fighting inside Saliera town. People has gathered around them, forming literally a man-made arena around the trainers and their pokemon. Other trainer is wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans, and has a studded collar around his neck. His Absol had just dashed towards the opposing trainer's Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur doesn't look frightened or intimidated by the forth coming Dark pokemon, but is actually ready to shoot a draining seed from the bulb in his back, as soon as the Absol gets to it's range.

Bulbasaur's trainer is completely caped in a black hooded cloak, and only few, elegant leaf ornaments whirl around the cloak's sleeves and hood. People can't see anything else but the trainer's mouth under the shadow of the hood. His lips are almost expressionless, but one could notice that his lips are faintly bending to a priggish grin if one would be close enough.

Absol let out a blood freezing cry, and leapt in to air just in front of Bulbasaur, ready to gash Bulbasaur with full force. But just when Absol was about lower his head and sink his scythe-like horn into Bulbasaur, a small, hard seed launched from Bulbasaur's back with a speed what seemed faster than the speed of light. It hit Absol in the head with full force, And the Absol squealed pathetically from the stinging pain in it's forehead. Absol came crashing down from the air, directly in front of Bulbasaur.

The seed that hit Absol in the forehead, bursted open, and small, strangling vines shout out from it, and wrapped around the Absol. ABsol could feel immidiately how the vines stated leeching the power and energy out of him, and tried to break out of the choking garlands by kicking and and wriggling madly, but in vain. The vines started to leech and strangle the monster even harder if it tried to move.

"Bulbasaur, now use Tackle!" The cloaked trainer shouted, while the other one clenched his fists, hoping his newly-caught pokemon could break free.

But there was little hope for the wrapped Absol. The opposing Bulbasaur now took a few steps backwards, raised it's hindlegs in to the air, and dashed at the Absol as fast as it could. The impact from the tackle hit Absol in the stomach, making Absol gasp and not able to breath properly.

"You should withdraw you pokemon before it gets SERIOUSLY hurt." PK, the caped trainer, said. There was no emotion in his words. He didn't sound victourious, cocky nor sad.

"You should train your Absol better. Get to know it, learn some strategy. Then you could stand a chance against me. Just rushing forward with it's strongest attack doesn't bring you victory." PK continued, but the other trainer felt that he didn't need a lecture from this ass. He mumbled something under his breath, withdrew his hurt pokemon, and ran away from the arena, tackling few of the spectators out of the way.

PK looked around, seeing that the ring of onlookers now started to disband, and each of them got back to the chores what they were doing before the fight had begun.

"And now... Bulbasaur... Our next opponent won't be some cocky tough guy picking on wierd looking bypassers, but a real professional pokemon trainer and his pupils. They are going to be much more considerate and intelligent than all the trainers and wild pokemon we have fought so far." PK said to his pokemon, which listened silently, with a slightly concerned look on his face.

"Ahh... Don't worry, Bulbasaur. I believe in you, and the others. I am sure we are going to win..." PK encouraged with his own, emotionless style. Bulbasaur nodded, and a happy smile spread to it's green face.

The two started to slowly trot towards the center of the Saliera Town, a place what seemed to be a swimming pool, but which also acts as the Gym for this town.

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