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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!)

Character Name: Marco Davis
Physical Description: Marco is a light skined african-american with deep black eyes and short braid braids. He usually wears an Orange Ariados T-Shirt (the equvialent of Spider Man) with his name pasted in black marker at the very bottom with blue denim jeans with Pidgeot Force Ones as shoes. (Air Force ones). He has a special beach shell around his neck.
Personality:Fun, loving and sarcastic but his temper is the downfall of his personality traits.
Pokemon:Luddicolo, Mightyena, Combusken,
Inventory:A backpack to hold strange items along the way of going places. It is like a capsule, it can hold infinite things.
Home Town:Saliera
Starting Location:Saliera
Job(s):Pokemon Breeder
Are You in a Team?:No
Living Family Members:His bratty sister and mother which both reside in Saliera.
Other Important People:None