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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Character Name: Ichigo Momomiya
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Pink Haired Girl Here Her hair is pink and rather short, perhaps going a few inches passed her shoulders, but is kept up in twin pigtails. She wears a white t-shirt with a grey shoulder collar and white tie, the shirt's sleeves grey with a black line going around. To the right of the shirt is a breat pocket in which she stores a few ribbons and a map that is of no use to anyone. Her skirt ends only a few inches above her knees and is the same color grey as her shirt sollar with a black stripe an inch above the bottom of the skirt. On her feet are white socks and black shoes. Her skin is pale and she has bright pink eyes.
Personality: The first thing that probbly comes to mind when someone sees Ichigo is that she's simply a ditzy, clumsy girl in her early teen years. Most of this is true. Ichigo is a major clutz and the word you usually hear from her is "Sorry" or some cat-like moan. She's also very carefree and considered a ditz because she can't see things right in front of her. She reads emotions pretty well but can't detect things such as love or hate. She dreams of someday being a Nurse, but wants to start as a Breeder. She has NO sense of direction.
Pokemon: Misdreavus (Missy - Female), Shiny Mareep(Meepy - Female), Shiney Hoppip(Sakura), *Black?* Vulpix(Kuro)
Inventory: A map that is of new use because it is written in Japanese
Home Town: Saliera
Starting Location: Saliera
Job: Pokemon Breeder
Are You in a Team?: No.
Living Family Members: Sisters(Geni, Kira), Father(Youhi), Mother(Sakura)
Other Important People: None
Ambitions: Ichigo dreams of someday being a Nurse, since that is a high paying job. Her life goal is mainly to support her two sisters. Since her father is a bit of an over protective loon and her mother is a cook Ichigo feels she's got to make money so the family can be happy. Currently she wants to learn to make Pokemon happy and earn some cash off that, so is headed to TeaLeaf. Problem? Heck yes! She has no sense of direction so can't find Tealeaf!

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