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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Yay! ^^; All accepted, you're free to begin RP at any time.

-Outskirts of Crossledge Town-

In the darkness of the Koharan night, you might be forgiven for thinking there was no-one around at this late hour. The winter was closing in, and the hours of black were increasing...Vex liked it this way.

It was a cold Sunday night, and the precious time that Vex was given as days off from his "job" as Valley Warden was growing shorter by the second. He felt a certain pang of annoyance that his Pathfinder underlings were not here yet, but he understood that under their various guises it might have been difficult for them to arrange a departure.

Looking up at the towering volcano, Mount Skyledge, Vex could not help feeling that the sooner he found and claimed Davina's Pokemon Gym, the better. Even though it had been dormant for so long, millenia, he had heard, the idea of running a top-secret operation, and sometimes sleeping, under a giant behemoth rock that had once spewed out hails of fire made him feel uncomfortable. Just a little. Nothing too unprofessional.

Snapping out of his momentary uneasiness, Vex heard whispers from behind the town's Pokemon Mart. Swiveling around on one foot, Vex saw six men lurking in the shadows. His brow formed into a frown as he stepped toward them.

"You're late." Vex did his best to quieten the snappy remark, but only partially succeeded in hiding his irritation. "Wait....only six? Where's Janson?"

One of the men emerged from the shade. He stood taller than Vex by an inch or two, and wore a black suit that didn't seem appropriate for his energetic green eyes. His hair was gelled back and cut short, but somehow he just didn't look the part. Vex would have to remind him to improve his disguise, but not just now.

"I don't know, appears he wasn't able to come. I don't expect it's anything serious."

Vex's expression darkened. "I don't want speculation, Cranner, I want proof!" He scowled and drew his black cloak around him, concealing the scabbard holding his prized sword. "I suppose we'll have to conduct the meeting without him..."

No more was spoken of the matter, or of any other, as the six men and one woman moved toward the volcano.
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