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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Character Name: Paha Kivaan, PK

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Physical Description: A short boy, fully shrouded in a large, black cape. The cape has green leaf-like markings in it's sleeves and hood.

Personality: Quiet, Cold-Blooded.

Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Nuzleaf, Murkrow, A gray Evee. This pokemon has powers and attacks not seen on normal Evees, but this pokemon's stubborness prevents it from evolving. (This pokemon is not meant to be over powerful, it's just different from the others. )

Home Town: Tealeaf town

Starting Location: Saliera Village

Job(s): Pokemon trainer

Are You in a Team: No

Living Family Members: Unknown. Was orphaned at the age of 3.

Other Important People: Reno, a long-term friend from the days when he was at the orphanage. Even though PK and Reno go way back, they aren't good friends, but will help each other and dop favors for each other if needed. They don't usually know each other's current locations, but keep in touch with cell phones if something comes up.

Ignus, Spiria, Luno: Three other kids from the orphanage. Each of them was given an Evee at the same time PK got his. These three are all PK's sworn rivals, and each of them has traveled to an unknown location in Koiora to strenghten themselves and their pokemon. PK is determined to face them all in a pokemon battle, and win.

Ambitions: PK mainly travels around the world for the joy of traveling, and becuase for the reason given above.