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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

w00t Vex, I loove your RPs, hope this'll be sucessful...unlike SS Cactus(Which only had me playing in it XD).

Character Name: Bolt Age (This is his full name, although he appears to be hiding his real name)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Physical Description (Appearance, Clothes): A black sleeveless shirt with the words "Soul" as if scribbled on it with blue, red and white paint, a pair of blue long bermudas, purple sunglasses(The whole thing is purple and plastic, I don't know how to describe, but there is nothing surrounding the lens or something), trekking shoes, a coat that is capable of protecting wearer's head from weather hazards. Dark skin due to lots of exposure to the Sun.
Personality: Appears cold to strangers, very warm, funny and friendly towards people he knows, aggressive when agitated by people.
Pokemon (Up to 4, catch more later if you wish. NO LEGENDS): I'll pick my favourites: Arcanine, Togetic, Hitmonchan
Home Town: Sunset Village
Starting Location: Farslope Town
Job(s): Domestic, Tinker
Belongings: Hidden Eagle's Beak Shaped Dagger locked tightly in the inner pocket of the his coat, wallet full of credit cards/cash/important documents also in an inner pocket, but an locked one. A handkerchief hand-crafted by his ex-girlfriend, Maureen, who left him to a place far away, also called "Heaven"(For idiots who still don't get it, she's dead damnit, though she's not IRL), locked extremely tightly in a very inner pocket in his coat. He will protect this handkerchief at all costs, even if his life is at the line.
Are You in a Team? (Yes or no): No
Living Family Members: Mother - Jess, 45. Lives in Sunset Village with husband, is a housewife. Father - Jim, 48. Lives in Sunset Village with wife, is the Hotel Manager of the Sunset Village Resort
Other Important People (e.g. girlfriends/boyfriends, good friends): Maureen, 19, not in this world anymore.
Ambitions: He aims to be an infantry and help protect Sunset Village from harm in the future. Another of his ambition is to become a explorer of the north-west region of Ngahere, although he knows he'll never make it in time to become an official explorer, as it takes 6 years to study at exploring. Sunset Village has been very crowded recently, and he wanted to get away from the people who was laughing at his hiding from public, so he decided to work as a domestic and tinker at Farslope. Helping young kids and old people is his hobby, so he usually works as a domestic to help these people, and tinker to craft stuff and sell them for more money.


Oh yeah Vex, I think you forgot to add the Belongings category. You could replace the word with Inventory though, it sounds better, and you could have an "Other Info" category to explain the stuff about the character.