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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Here's my own character sign-up form, but after all that work on the world building, I couldn't possibly do a post yet. X_X Worth it though.

Character Name: Vex

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Physical Description: 5'8", wild black hair, shoulder length, silver-blue eyes that do most of his talking, wears a navy T-shirt and a pair of black jeans under a long black cloak

Personality: Cunning, intelligent, creative, tactical, thoughtful, sarcastic

Pokemon: Gardevoir, Magmar, Lanturn, Delibird

Home Town: Sandwire City

Starting Location: Crossledge Town

Job: See Current Team Objectives

Belongings: Katana sword, digital camera

Are You in a Team?: Yes

Living Family Members: Mother - Sheila, 48, lives in Tealeaf Town

Other Important People: Arch-Rival - Satras, leader of Team Quake (more in Current Team Objectives)

Ambitions: See Current Team Objectives, also the capture of Kyogre and wants to find a woman to be Executive for his team

Name of Team: The Pathfinder Guild

Position in Team: Leader

Description of Team: The Pathfinders are a team of cunning warriors who believe the world is governed badly. They use infiltration and espionage to attempt to achieve their ultimate goal of taking control of Koiora. They use all sorts of Pokemon, but often Ghost, Ice and Psychic types.

Current Team Objectives: Vex is currently masquerading as a Warden, but only does his job when he is being watched (which is practically never). He is pretending to be a Warden so he can take over Davina's Gym, which no-one will notice as it is so infrequently visited, and to investigate the rumours of Legends in Sunfall. The rest of his team are doing similar, but less important, infiltration schemes around Koiora.

Headquarters/Base Location: Under Mount Skyledge
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