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Arrow Journey of Trainer Mehmet (Part 4).

Meet Trainer Hikari

Trainer Mehmet goes with the bus to the Cerulean City and there is the great place to relax on the Vacation. There is Torchic so tired and he need the rest and goes to the Pokemon Center to heal his Torchic. And he will go to the Bill and there is some Battles with the Trainers. and than after that battle that battles was easy. And he goes to the Researcher bill and ask for the Update of the Pokedex. And then he will do it then after that day was the update for the Pokedex and gives to Trainer Mehmet. And after that he will meet the Trainer Hikari and she will battle to Trainer Mehmet and she has lost the battle and she asks to Trainer Mehmet that she allowed to join him and Trainer Mehmet says yes you can join me. Now Trainer Mehmet and Trainer Hikarui will travel together all the world. And Trainer Mehmet and Trainer Hikari will go to the Pallet town. And she meet the Mother of Trainer Mehmet and Prof. Oak and than goes to the training place named Viritian City and trains with his Pokemon and than they will go with the train to Celaton City.

To be continued....
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