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Default Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

OK, first off, this is going to be a BIG RP. As in, the amount of stuff you can do will be so immensely massive that you'll never even do half of the stuff possible. I guarantee. =P

I plan for this to be long-running and hopefully turning into something quite epic. Therefore I want committed people to sign up, and ONLY COMMITTED PEOPLE. Don't sign up if you just want an RP for the day to take your mind off things.


OK, right - the point. The idea of "Virtual Reality" is simple. It's a Pokemon life simulator. You can be anyone you like (but not people from the anime), anywhere in the world, and do whatever you like. Heck, you can go on a killing spree if you want, but if somebody else signs up with a job in the Pokemon Police Force, be careful. =P

The RP is set in a new world called Koiora (that's Maori for "Life"). Koiora has four regions: Maunga, in the north east, Ngahere, in the north west, Koraha, in the south east, and Kauwheke, in the south west. The regions are described below.

MAUNGA: Mountain
Maunga is a highly mountainous region in the north-east of Koiora, which is home to many Pokemon, but most common are Flying and Rock Pokemon. Dark and Psychic Pokemon are not found in this region at all.
Maunga's three towns are Ironspire City, Sunset Village and Farslope Town.

Ironspire City is the largest inhabited city in Koiora, which is sprawled out majestically over the lower half of the area's tallest mountain, Ironspire Peak. The metropolis has over 3 million citizens living there, and also has a Department Store, Game Corner and a Pokemon Gym. The Ironspire Gym is led by a young man called Conan, who uses Steel and Flying types. It's said that Ironspire Gym is the hardest in the land, and Conan's Skarmory is possibly the most famous Pokemon in Koiora.

Sunset Village is a small hamlet on the east coast of the region, on the other side of Maunga to Ironspire Peak. The houses are traditional wooden huts, but are also fitted out with modern appliances like televisions and kitchen extensions. Sunset Village is located close to the beach, and there is a holiday resort outside the village which is popular with tourists. Sunset Village has a Pokemon Center like all other towns, but only a very small Poke Mart. It has no Gym.

Farslope Town is a town just five miles away from the border with Koraha. It is a pleasant, modern market town, and travelers from Kohara often pass through on their way to Ironspire City. One million people live in the town, and more visit it every year. There is a gold mine on the outskirts of the town that was recently discovered, and many important companies are looking to profit from this. Farslope town has a large Poke Mart and a Pokemon Gym, which is led by Louise, a Rock Pokemon user.

There are many more towns and cities in Maunga, but none are quite as important or well-known as the three above. Feel free to visit other areas of Maunga and describe them for the rest of the group in your own storyline.

Ngahere is a green, peaceful region in the north-west which has changed the least since the evolution of the human race. Much of the north-west corner of the region is unexplored, and the colonists who have made homes in the area have learned to coexist with the rainforest and its natural citizens in peace, and it is now thought that the humans, Pokemon and the forest have a symbiotic relationship - they all benefit from each other and probably could not live without each other. Ngahere has only five villages and one town, but only two will be described below.

Tealeaf Town is the heart of the colonised part of Ngahere. The trees are tallest in the surrounding area, and the city is a picturesque network of large treehouses and wooden bridges. There is no electricity in Tealeaf Town, but enhanced batteries are readily available and a portable TV would last for a week before needing new batteries. Everything is made from natural materials, and the town is regarded as the best piece of work ever done by humans of Koiora. There is a large shop which sells various natural medicines and other products, and a Pokemon Gym. The Gym is a Grass-type one, run by a charming woman named Sami. Sami's great grandmother was said to have been one of the founders of Tealeaf Town.

Saliera is a little-known village which is deep in the centre of Ngahere, the only village which is so close to the unexplored north-west region of Ngahere. It sits next to the only river in Ngahere, the River Sola, which runs from Saliera to the very end of the north-west coast. From the village you can hear rapids along the river, and to date no-one has survived trying to pass the rapids. The most interesting thing about Saliera is that there are no induvidual buildings - the entire city is in one giant wooden hut. There are, of course, dividing walls for living quarters, but other than that all shops and non-housing establishments are open for anyone who is inside to see. In the centre of the hut is a swimming pool, which is used for the Gym Battles of the village's Gym Leader, Lawrence. Guess what kind of Pokemon he likes.

Grass, Bug and Poison Pokemon are most likely to be found in Ngahere, and the only Psychic Pokemon you'll find in this region is Abra - but it's rare. Dark Pokemon, Steel Pokemon and other Psychic Pokemon can not be found in this area.

KOHARA: Desert
As you might have guessed, Kohara is a vast desert region in the south-east of Koiora. Ground Pokemon are extremely common here, and Fire Pokemon are also easy to find, if you know where to look. There are a few Abra and Kadabra in the region, as well as rare sightings of Cleffa. Many people who pass through Kohara say they've seen glimpses of the legendary Pokemon Entei, but no-one has ever proved this. More likely, it was a Ponyta or Rapidash, as these Pokemon are often seen away from the cities. Kohara has over 20 different towns and cities, but I will only describe two. As with Maunga, be creative and include things I haven't mentioned in your posts.

Sandwire City is the capital of Kohara, and houses 2 and a half million residents. The buildings are made of stone, harking back to the many centuries ago when the city was built, under the name of Akora. There is a Department Store here, as well as a huge underground complex. This complex is called the Sandwire Net, as it is mostly corridors and caverns that interlock and has a width greater than the overworld city. No-one lives down here, but it's used for storage and other things - supposedly, a few Pokemon Teams have once had secret bases below the city, but none has ever proved this. There's a Gym in the city, and that, however, is in the largest cavern of the Net. The leader is Rocco, a fifty-year-old man who likes nothing better than Ground Pokemon, in particular his Rhydon (famous for knowing moves like Ice beam and Thunderbolt).

Crossledge Town is located next to Mount Skyledge, a dormant volcano which stands out among the rocky hillside on which Crossledge is situated on. Crossledge itself is mostly quite a normal city, except for the PokeDome, a glass dome which, once every six months, holds the Inter-Regional Pokemon Festival, where trainers gather to trade, battle, enter their Pokemon in special sporting challenges and meet other Pokemon lovers. The next Festival will be held two months from the start of the game. There's also a Gym, led by Kathryn, a fire Pokemon fan.

-COMING NEXT POST: Details on Kauwheke, the land of the ancestors, and descriptions of the various jobs available in Koiora. Please keep checking back, and I hope you join when we open for business!
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