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Arrow Journey of Trainer Mehmet (Part 3).

The Nightmare in Saffron City.

Trainer Mehmet travel with the train to the Saffron city from Viritian City and Mudkip learns and move with that Item that the owner of the shop gives named Fire Blast. And he will test it and Trainer Mehmet will test that attack and goes to the out site to test that attack and Trainer Mehmet says "Wow great attack that I ever seens great job Torchic." And than he will travel further with the Train to the Saffron city it's and great city but there is in the city is something there is so creepy. And there can become stronger if you this village will survive and at the night. Will become creepier then ever and Trainer Mehmet sleeps there in the hotel of saffron City the hotel is ghost house of the Gasly's families. And then if Trainer Mehmet awakes and will battle to Gastly with Torchic. And torchic is scary about him but Trainer Mehmet say "I will catch they later so I will go the shop first to buy some Pokeballs." And he will Travel to the Pallet town and get his new mobile phone. And than Trainer Mehmet gets the phone number of his mother and Prof Oak. And he goes to the Cerulian city with the bus to buy some Pokeballs. And than can Trainer Mehmet catch the Pokemons.

To be Contiued....
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