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Default E3 Recap!

E3 Recap!

On May 14th, E3 ended it's three day event. Here's some pictures of Nintendo's booth at the E3, as well as some pictures of the DS Pikachu Demo.

Nintendo at E3 - E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, an event where companies and professionals from the industry gather to show off their latest products. Here in these pictures, Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen took center stage at Nintendo's booth. One of the most popular must-see item at the E3 was Nintendo's new handheld, Nintendo DS that uses two screens, features includes: a touch screen, voice recognition, and wireless communication. It's expected to be released in late 2004 in Japan and the US.

DS Pikachu Demo - This is tech demo game, meaning it's intended to show the capability of the system (the new Nintendo DS). This is not a full game, however, it's possible that this demo may turn into a game. In this tech demo, the game features are similar to that of Hey You! Pikachu and Pokemon Channel. You interact with Pikachu and do various activities with Pikachu.

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