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Arrow Journey of Trainer Mehmet (Part 2).

He woke up and goes to the Challenge with the Trainers of the Viritian Forest.

Trainer Mehmet wokes up on the Forest and Trainer Mehmet and Torchic was hungry. Than they will fight agains the Wild Pokemon to make his strenth and all the battle strategy stronger. But they is not alone to fight against the wild Pokemon. And than after that wild Pokemon battles they will be find the good place to make an deliciusly lunch and than goes Trainer Mehmet to the battle of Trainers and he will win all the Battle and one of the Trainer will be waiting on the out site of the Viritian Forest and he is the biggest Trainer of the Forest and than is the greatest battle will become exiting but the Trainer was smart and than the battle of Trainer Mehmet was even difficulder that otter bettle of the Forest. And than after the battle will be help someone with the loading the shop and than after that helping hand of the owner and he will give to the Trainer Mehmet the Technique named (TM38) Fire Blast that is the Strongest attack and gives more attacking power that the Ember. And then he will prepair for the Travel to the Saffron City.

To be continued....
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