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Arrow Journey of Trainer Mehmet.

Here begins Trainer Mehmet journey and here beging Trainer Mehmet journey with Torchic. And will be Pokemon Master on the world.

Trainer Mehmet is the cute and happy boy with the hart of gold. And he will start his journey on this day. And he will go to the Picnic with his girl friends. And they will eat and trains his Pokemon to become stronger. And the food was delicius and Pokemon have eaten with that Girls. Trainer Mehmet's Pokemon is Torchic and he knows the Attack Ember, Tackle and Fire breath. The strongest attack was Ember for the Grass Pokemon named Chicorita of other Trainster. And beated in one hit with Ember. He Lost the battle by the Squirtle of other Trainster and he Torchic was KO with the water Gun attack and they goes to the Pokemon Center to heal the Pokemon. And than they goes to the journey of to become an Pokemon Master. And Trainer Mehmet go to the Viritian City to be fight against Wild Pokemon and maybe catch. And he will fights to the other Trainer on that Forest. And than on that after far travel Trainer Mehmet must go to the Sleep.

To be continued....
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