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Well it is up to you what you want in your team. I would personally add an Aggron and/or Sceptile/Cradily. You get the leftovers after you beat the elite four. Go to Lillycove or Slateport. Then go the Harbor and go on the boat. Go to slateport if you are in Lillycove and go to Lillycove if you are in Slateport. DONT GO TO THE BATTLE TOWER!! Once you board the ship go all the way to the left then go al the way to the north.At the Toppest right corner there wil be stairs that will take you down to a new floor. Go all the way to the top left and there is a trashcan. press the a button and you will obtain the leftovers. There are two trash cans and the one on the left is the onw with the left overs.
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