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Default Re: Love the new forums, got something to tell you though.

Originally Posted by otikeu
Hey great forum! I just got the internet running again and saw the forum. Vbulletin v.3! Thats sooo cool. Anyways are you thing about doing a cool layout for this forum? I have seen other forums that had made a layout for their vbulletins, I was wanting to know if your gonna do it to. As, is there a way to be logged on everytime I come back without having to enter the username and password stuff? Cool site and foum and...

I actually like the colors the way it is , heh. Blue, it's my color. Anyways, I'll probably make my own image to replace the one on the top left. But for now, I just have my hands tied up just trying to get the forum back to normal, and the website just got back online after a week or so downtime. I'll get to it eventually.

As for the login automatically everytime, when you login, make sure the "Remember Me" box is checked.
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